Solidarity of Sweden Latin America support the fight for justice by...

We support popular movements

Solidarity of Sweden Latin America support popular movements in Latin America in project that gives people in rural areas – above all youths and women – the possibility to educate, organize and to demand their rights.

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We contribute with knowledge

Solidarity of Sweden Latin America produce information material, arrange seminars and study circles, invite guests regularly from Latin America and to strengthen the connection between the continents we offer our Swedish youths the possibility to do internship at one of our cooperative organizations.

We influence decisions makers

Solidarity Sweden-Latin America work to spread knowledge and effect decisions-makers in Sweden and EU to contribute to our cause. We raise voices and perspective that seldom is heard in Sweden. We run campaigns, arrange seminars and debates, produce reports, information material and write debate articles abour our cause.

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We contribute to FNs global goals for a suistainable development

Together with our cooperative organizations on the Latin American continent we contribute to our FNs global goals.

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Our issues

The right to lodge a protest

Latin America is the worlds most dangerous region for environment and humanrights defenders

Our issues

Right to food, land and territory

Latin America is the worlds most unequal region.

Our issues

Climate justice and suistainable development

Those who suffer the most of climate change and environmental destruction is those that has the least influence in politics.

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