Solidarity Sweden-Latin America is a politically unaffiliated, non-religious not for profit organization working with popular movements in Latin America for a sustainable and just world.

Our work aims at strengthening the voices of people living in poverty and alienation due to structural circumstances and making sure they are involved in any decision-making process that could potentially endanger their human rights.

We do this through cooperating with grassroots-organizations all over Latin America, supporting their vision of a pathway to change.

In Sweden we work together with our members to lift the issues of our partners in Latin America and by highlighting the actions of Swedish actors in Latin America.

We that work at Latinamerikagrupperna

Address: Tegelviksgatan 40, 116 41 Stockholm

Anna Barkered


Responsible to lead and develop the assocciations work in Sweden and in Latinamerica.

Déogratias William Girumugisha

Financial accountant

Responsible for the accossiation economy, annual account and budget, economic reports to financier and economic follow up.

Sori Lundqvist

Responsible for communication

Responsible to coordinate, plan and develop the assocciation communication and collection.

Oscar Barajas


Work as a support to the assocciation members and active groups. Coordinate the operative for internship and national activities.

Pedro Muñoz


Ansvarar för föreningens ekonomiadministration, årsredovisning och budget, ekonomisk rapportering till finansiärer samt för ekonomisk uppföljning.

Rodolfo Magne

Responsible for programs (substitute)

Responsible and developing the operative for programs and securing that it is driven accordance to Forum syds counsel and terms.

Marlene Sosa Mercado

Responsible for programs

Responsible and developing the operative for programs and securing that it is driven accordance to Forum syds counsel and terms.

Our history

50 years of fight for justice
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Education for assistance operations

Everything started 1968 with a group of students from Uppsala. They were critical of Swedish aid and objected that swedish experts went to save poor people with their knowledge.
the students ide was that they should go out in the world themselves to see what happened with the money. With their experience they could afterwards effect the governmental aid organisation Sida. The association was the first years oriented on education and developing country issues and the visit to Latinamerica was a practice in the education.
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First trip went to Colombia

The pioneers worked with small means and therefore it was excluded to travel by air. Through a contact with Salenrederiet they got a possibility to travel for free to Colombia with their bananaboats. The assocciation then sitting chairman, Lars Norberg had in addition his parents i Bogota. That is how the first country become Colombia. Since then we have been in a various diffrent countries. The longest is with Bolivia (since 1977) Ecuador and Nicaragua (both since 1979)
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Expanded focus

During the 1970 the UBV changed the focused on their work. From primarily the goal had been education, it become to be a combination of education, volontarly and information operated. 1975 started the script News from Latin America (NFLA) that later got the name Latin America or just LA.
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A assocciation for everybody

An important step in Solidarity Sweden - Latin America history was in 1997 when the Assocciation opened up for everybode to become members. Before it just been a organisation for volontary mission.

Name change to Solidarity of Sweden Latin America

2008 the assocciation changed from UBV to Solidarity of Sweden - Latin America
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50 years of solidarity!

2018 we celebrate 50 years as a solidarity assocciation but even though it has been changes some things are the same; support to Latin Americas people and the believe that a annother world is possible.

Our board

Solidarity Sweden-Latin America board take decisions about the asscciation work and direction. The boards protocol is sent after request. Contact the board.

Julia Qwist


Born in 1986, job-seeker resident in Stockholm. Activist in Malmö and Stockholm’s local group. Attended in 2014 as a represent for Solidarity of Sweden Latin America at the motion of the landless (MST) management education in Brazil, and also at alternative climate summit in connection with COP20 in Lima. Board member in Solidarity of Sweden Latin America during 2015. President since 2018.

Klara Knapp


Born 1988 living in Stockholm. Job-seeker who have been  an activist in the Latin American groups since 2014, I did an internship at the Latin American groups’ cooperation organization ATC in Nicaragua in autumn 2014 to spring 2015. I have studied political science, economic history and practical philosophy. I joined the Latin American groups because of the system-critical thinking, the solidarity work and the question of food sovereignty.

Karin Lidström

Board member

Born 1988, resident in Stockholm and work as a project leader. Has been active in local groups in Uppsala since 2013, did internship at Solidarity of Sweden Latin America cooperative organization CNA in Colombia the autumn 2016 and has been employed at the office in Sweden during the spring 2017. Board member since 2018.

Linnea Kronebrant

Board member

Born 1990, resident in Umeå. Facilitator that has been active in Solidarity of Sweden Latin America since 2013, and with Göteborgs local group and speciality group” Buen Vivir and the rights of nature”. Internship with Earths Friends in Ecuador from September 2017 to February 2018. Board member since 2018.

Laura Lindholm

Board member

Andrés Gómez

Board member

Born in 1979, Research assistant, Department of Government, Uppsala University. Resident in Uppsala. I got in touch with the association for the first time in 2011 when I became part of Latinamerikagrupperna’s local group in Uppsala.

Karin Grann

Board member

Born 1995, living in Stockholm. I got in touch with the association when I had an internship at the office in Stockholm as part of my bachelor’s degree in human rights studies. During the spring of 2019 I did an internship with SAL’s collaborative organization in Bolivia, Bartolina Sisa. I chose to engage in SAL since I share their view on the importance of strengthening and supporting social movements in Latin America such as those collaborating with SAL.

Louise Hammerud Hamilton

Board member

Born 1987, resident in Stockholm.  Student who has been active in SAL since 2017, did an internship with SALs collaborative organization Bartolina Sisa in Bolivia the autumn of 2017 to spring 2018 and an internship at the office in Stockholm in the spring of 2019.

Stephanie Lobos

Board member

Alexandra Iriarte

Convening internal auditor

Linnea Rohlin

Board member and chair of the election committee

Sanna Lucas

Nominating committee

Fransisco Contreras

Nominating committee

Per Hedlund

Nominating committee

Important documents

Transparent and credibility is important for us. As a member, giver and financier you should feel save that the association work in democratic but also that your support to our collection will be used properly. These important documents will only be available in Swedish.
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